Susie Myerson is a major and recurring character in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Character History 

Susie is seen at The Gaslight in the Pilot episode.


Susie is is the no-nonsense manager of The Gaslight coffee house. She is also a loyal friend to Midge and becomes her manager when she decides to pursue doing stand-up comedy.

Susie is not afraid of speaking her mind and telling Midge (or anyone else for that matter) exactly what she thinks in a very direct and blunt manner. She is brutally honest and gives Midge the "tough love" she needs to hone her act as comedian and valuable life advice as well.

She also constantly makes sarcastic comments about Midge's lavish lifestyle as well.

Susie appears to know the business of comedy well and sees the potential in Midge. She even says that Midge and Mort Sahl are the two people who have ever performed at The Gaslight who had any sort of genuine, raw talent that is a rarity to find.

Along with being a manager, she and Midge form a friendship over time though Susie is reluctant to at first, insisting she and Midge simply have a professional relationship as co-workers.

Physical Appearance 

Susie is a middle-aged woman with short dark brown hair and a curvy build. She appears to be slightly older than Midge.

She is often seen wearing a navy, white, and red striped shirt, a pair of grey dress pants, brown belt, a black leather jacket that in Season 2 is revealed to have belonged to her estranged uncle, and shoes, and a grey newsboy hat, and a key on a chain around her neck.


Season 1

Season 2

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